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tv   NBC 10 News at 6am  NBC  April 26, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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fear grips nepal as powerful aftershocks rage on. we'll have an update on the deadly earthquake and what you can do to help. we start off cloudy but end up sunny. here is a live look along boathouse row. all is quiet right now, but the weather should be pretty decent today for those runners and those bikers anybody training for the blue cross broad street run, we'll have the first alert forecast in just a moment. good morning, welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's 6:00 on this sunday. let's get right to our weekend weather with first alert
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meteorologist, brittanyney shipp. sounds like today will be a little bit better than yesterday. >> our temperatures will push closer to our average, which is 67 for this time of year for philadelphia, we'll see temperatures in the low 60s. let's take a look outside right now. we are still seeing cloudy skies. wehle see the clouds burning off and more sunshine heading into the afternoon. temperature wise it's cold in allentown. 36 degrees. 41 in quakertown. 40 in doylestown. mid-40s in bluebell 48 in philadelphia, 42 in washington township. temperatures in mt. holly at 41 degrees and right along the shore, 45 in beach haven and 47 in avalon. still under a frost advisory in some parts of our area allentown, lehigh. that's going to be until 8:00 a.m. patchy frost is a possibility. as we push into the rest of today, ours temperatures will start to climb closer to average, ranging between 62 and 63. i am tracking 70s back in your forks. i'll have that coming up in just a bit. rosemary? >> thank you brittney.
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this morning in nepal, people woke up screaming and ran into the streets because of a powerful aftershock. here's what we know that magnitude 6.7 aftershock hit around 3:15 a.m. our time. as of now, there are no reports of any deaths. the death toll from yesterday's 7.8 magnitude quake is nearing 2,000 people and there is a local connection. officials from mulenberg college in allentown say that four of their students are studying over there in nepal, but they are safe. meanwhile, a google executive, dan freedenberg, because the first american confirmed to have been killed in that quake yesterday. he died in an avalanche when the quake hit mt. everest. if you would like to hit with the disaster relief you can get some more information on our nbc 10 news app. we have a list of organizations sending aid. coming up in the next half hour we'll also have more from a local man with ties to nepal and tell you more about how he plans to help out. one person is at the
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hospital this morning after being hit by a car on street road in bucks county. this happened at the ramp to i-95 to ben salem just before 2:00 this morning. the crash shut down the road for nearly three hours. we're told the driver did stop. no word on the condition of the victim. also new from overnight, a man is extremely critical condition after he was shot in the face in a philadelphia neighborhood. this morning, police are looking for the person responsible. the shooting happened along darius street in the frankfort section of the city bust jfr midnight. gunfire struck the victim in the chin the neck and the back. this weekend, fallout over the police custody death of freddie gray boiled over in the streets of baltimore when a day of peaceful protests turned violent. here's what we know on that. people were looting the streets and looting the stores as you can see, and they spread out into the streets. again, this is all related to
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the death of freddie gray. we know that police there have been trying to keep the peace. the day started o ded out peaceful with demonstrators marching through the city but it turned violent as nighttime fell. we know that five officers were injured during the melee, one seriously wounded. three dozen members of the force were lined up in riot gear near the police station. people ended up coming out of their homes and throwing things at the police. at one point, city officials asked fans at the orioles baseball game to remain inside the stadium for their own safety. despite the violence the police commissioner decided to focus on the positive demonstrations that happened earlier in the day. >> i was very very pleased to see, and i saw this throughout the day, baltimore residents were telling people in the crowd to calm down and to relax, and i was very proud of them for doing that. that same thing happened in the northeast corner when that crowd, that agitated crowd got to camden yards. residents put themselves in between police officers and this agitated crowd and asked for
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calm and asked for police which was very good to see. >> the focus of this again, is freddie gray. he died from a spinal injury a week after he was taken into police custody. the commissioner has said that the 25-year-old was not buckled in a seat belt in the police transport van and that officers failed to give him medical attention in a timely manner. today administrators at a now-closed montgomery county day care will help parents find other options for their kids. this all comes after the sudden closure of the goddard school in blue bell montgomery county. nbc 10's katy zachary is live in blue bell with more. katy? >> reporter: rosemary this is not what these parents wanted to worry about going into the weekend. many of these are working families and they don't have any place to take their children starting tomorrow. now that the goddard school this location here in blue bell has closed. we met some of these families in the parking lot yesterday, and they tell us they were told about this late friday that their children's day care and
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school here is closing for good. it leaves about 100 young kids out of the classroom. now, we did get an e-mail from goddard school management late yesterday. they tell us they will help families find other day care options, and for those with no place to turn the school says it will provide free care for a week, but many families tell us it's not good enough. >> there are around 100 children now that need to get placed somewhere on monday. well, some of the local day cares are at their capacity. so am i supposed to just not go to work on monday? >> reporter: that's what a lot of parents are asking themselves today? now, we also got word from goddard school management that they are opening up their east norton location between 1:00 and 4:00 today to entertain questions from parents, to start that process of helping to find other day care options. now, what is behind this sudden closure? at 6:30 i'm looking into some legal documents that may answer that question. reporting live in blue bell katy zachary, nbc 10 news.
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this morning, three more juveniles are under arrest in connection with a group attack on a homeless man. this is surveillance video of that beating at a gas station in olney earlier this month. three other juveniles are already bringing charges, bringing the total number of suspects under arrest to six. they're charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault in the attack on robert barnes. barnes' family says that doctors believe he will remain in a permanent vesiclegetative state. honoring the man who was killed while walking his dog. next how a community in philadelphia is coming together to remember james stuhlman. the stakes are high as the pallet for same-sex marriage heads to the highest court in the u.s. and it's another cold start to our morning
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good morning. it's a cold start, but as we head into the afternoon, we'll see more sunshine and temperatures that are a few degrees warmer. our current temperatures in philadelphia 48 degrees. our feels-like temperature, 44 degrees with light wind speeds out of the north, northeast at 8 miles per hour. temperature wise in allentown, 36 degrees. so those locations still under a frost advisory. 33 in mt. pocono 41 in pottstown. 45 in millville, and 43 in atlantic city. so here are the areas under that frost advisory north hampton county lehigh county, all affected by that until about 8:00 a.m. we're still staying cool below average, our average for this time of year 67. today, 62. by tomorrow 61. i'm also tracking showers and warmer temperatures in your
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seven-day forecast. rosemary? >> thank you, brittney. across the country, thousands of volunteers came together this weekend to help out their communities. it was all part of comcast cares day. nbc 10 was at the northeast frankfort boys and girls club yesterday, where volunteers worked to give them a new yard and a new computer lab. comcast donated $25,000 to the club, to keep the renovations going. comcast, by the way, is the parent company of nbc 10. i look so old, john boehner has already invited netanyahu to speak at any funeral. >> it was a night of laughs at the white house correspondents' dinner. even the president was the butt of some of the jokes. we'll have more of it, coming up.
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today, a man who was murdered while walking his dog in philadelphia's overbrook neighborhood will be remembered. family and friends of james stuhlman will gather at the historic african episcopal church of st. thomas in overbrook. they'll plant and bless a new tree on the grounds. police say stuhlman was walking his dog along wood crest avenue last month when he was approached by three teens. investigators say the boys wanted to rob stuhlman because they thought he was an easy target. he was shot once in the chest and died on the street. brandon smith and tyfine hamilton, both 15 years old, are scheduled to appear in court for a preliminary hearing. they face murder robbery, and related charges in connection with stuhlman's death. a 14-year-old face robbery and conspiracy charges for his alleged role in the crime. tomorrow the defense is expected to start calling witnesses in the penalty phase of the boston marathon bombing trial. they are expected to testify
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about dzhokar tsarnaev's upbringing. the testimony may include some of his relatives. last week, prosecutors rested their case against tsarnaev. a jury is deciding whether to sentence him to life in prison or death. jury deliberations are set to resume tomorrow in the etan patz murder trial. maple shade native pedro hernandez is accused of killing patz in new york city in 1979. etan patz was 6 years old at the time of his disappearance. he became one of the first missing children featured on a milk carton. his body has never been found. pedro hernandez confessed to killing him three years ago, but his lawyers say that his admission was the fiction of a mentally ill man with a low iq. if convicted, he faces life in prison. this week the supreme court will hear arguments on same-sex marriage. the cases come from ohio kentucky, michigan and tennessee. each of those states had their marriage bans upheld by federal appeals courts.
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the justices will hear arguments on whether same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry and whether states must recognize same-sex marriages from other states. now to some news overseas where italian authorities rescued nearly 300 migrants from a boat off the coast of libya. those migrants were handed shoes and water when they arrived in sicily yesterday. the red cross and the units nationed refugee agency is providing the group with assistance. the flow of migrants trying to reach europe has continued, even after a migrant ship capsized last weekend. at least 800 people are believed to have died in that incident. good morning. a cold start once again, especially if you're in the lehigh valley which is under a frost advisory until 8:00 a.m. tracking the possibility of showers, mainly no southern parts of delaware and then warmer again, our temperatures will go back above average. in fact, today will be a little bit closer than we were yesterday. for philadelphia right now, 48
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degrees, a mix of sun and clouds. our feels-like temperature at 44 and our wind speeds are out of the north-northeast at 8 miles per hour. cross the rest of the region 33 in the poconos, 43 in trenton, 41 in mt. holly, 44 in westchester, 40s in wilmington 47 in stone harbor, and temperatures in atlantic city at 43. so mainly this area highlighted in blue, these are the only areas dealing with temperatures in the mid-30s. patchy frost is a possibility. this frost advisory stays in effect, at least until 8:00 a.m. it's a very cold start to the morning, depending on where you are. our radar shot shows that little weather disturbance that's mainly staying to the south of us, but as we head into the next couple of hours, it's not out of the question we could see a few of those showers drifting a little bit closer to sussex county. once we get closer to that we'll start to see these clouds tapering off a bit and plenty of sunshine as we head into the afternoon. by monday we'll see another chance of showers. tuesday we clear up nicely.
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and then our temperatures start to warm up when we head into the middle of or your workweek. stars today is concerned, our average is 67 degrees, today we'll be at 62. still 5 degrees below average. 61 heading into start of your workweek. maybe your allergies are acting up a little bit like mine. the cold front today, oak, birch, maping, and we'll see high allergy levels dip and wednesday back up to high again. we won't get rid of a lot of those allergens until we get a good rain and that could happen as early as thursday. our temperatures today will rain between 62 and 65. cloudy at first, and we'll see a little bit more sunshine heading into the afternoon. your seven-day forecast shows that we still are going to see a chance of showers as we head into monday sunny on tuesday, 70 degrees by wednesday, and our chance of rain moves in by thursday. you ready for the blue cross
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broad street run? she is. this former villanova basketball player took up running to get in shape. now she's become a role holmodel. her story, after the break. i'm keith jones. join me today for "nbc 10 @ issue." beer, wine and liquor all sold under one roof. will one-stop alcohol shopping become a reality in pennsylvania. could the current state store system be modernized or scrapped altogether? we'll hear from beau sides. plus the inventable world of war. returning home with psychological scars and some say many do not get the help they need. see how one locally based group is helping to change that and raise awareness. and inspiring students. see how educators are encouraging young people in our area to explore careers in the fields that will shape our future. coming up this morning at 11:30, following "meet the press," only on nbc 10.
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at 6:22 on this sunday we have a heads up for drivers in center city. expect some road closures in rittenhouse square today. the water department will be working at the intersection of 17th and local streets the from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. to fix a water plain leak. you can expect locust from 16th to 18th and 17th street from walnut to spruce to be closed. also customers in the area may temporarily lose water service. a former villanova basketball player started running to get back in shape after the birth of her children. now she's standing tall to a role model to her young kids and a proud member of the organization, black girls run. priscilla jackson is ready to
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run the blue cross broad street run one week from today. >> the joke is you don't hang around for too long before you become a runner. >> reporter: priscilla jackson is no joke. she juggles a full-time job, she's a wife and a mother of two daughters. >> i get to be a great role model for my children. >> reporter: the former villanova university basketball player wanted to get back in game shape. >> i gained 75 pounds with my pregnancies. it was horrible. >> reporter: she trained for the blue cross broad street run at the ymca in westchester and brings her children. >> i usually have my clothes, my running clothes underneath my work clothes. it's like super woman, literally. >> reporter: it's hard to miss this super hero mom at the gym. >> i'm 6'3" without shoes on. so depending on what shoes i'm wearing, i tower over everyone, or most people. >> reporter: she's a proud member of the organization, black girls run.
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>> it's really changing the lives of women. first of all, it welcomes everyone. it's highlighting the fact that we're recognizing that the statistics involving black women, involving our community, it's not pleasant. >> priscilla says bgr hopes to help shape the future of the generation for years to come. >> when i grew up i didn't see 40-year-old black women running around. i'm 39. i'll be 40 in january, i didn't see -- i just didn't. my children that's all i see. it breaks the taboo of exercising and it makes it relatable. people say, oh, you know if they can run two miles a day, i can probably do that. >> reporter: priscilla can do that now. she runs races across philadelphia and across the country. she says no matter where she runs there's always bgr women there for support. >> everyone everyone at a rate
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that's full of bgr women, day love it. because bgr cheers for everyone. and they are, they give you attitude and soul when they're cheering for you. you know that if you're struggling, and you hear, go you can do it! >> that was nbc 10's renee chenault fa-fattah fattah reporting. nbc 10 will bring you the race live. but before the race watch "ready set, run." we'll have a live race special on friday night at 7:00. right now on the nbc 10 news app, you can check out our "on the mile" series. we are counting down to the race with a mile a week. plus if you plan to run, get tips to hit the asphalt. it's all free on the nbc 10 app. a popular school and day care in montgomery county suddenly closes and now parents are scrambling trying to figure out what to do with their children tomorrow. we'll get the answer live from
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katy zachary, just ahead. sometimes, caring for your neighbors means going the extra mile. when our patient, susan, mentioned her dad couldn't make it in to pearle vision to get his eyes checked... we went to him. and we realized, if he had trouble
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the death toll rises in nepal as rescue workers continue to search for survivors, one day after the earthquake. those left behind now have to deal with the powerful aftershocks is. this morning, a south jersey family is mourning the loss of a high school football star shot and killed just a block from his house. a cool cloudy start to our sunday but the sun will eventually start shining. here is a live look at the ben franklin bridge. that sun is going to start peeking through a little while from now. the details coming up in the first alert forecast. good morning, welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's just before 6:30 on this sunday. let's get a check of the
6:29 am
forecast new from meteorologist brittney shipp. good morning brittney. >> good morning. our temperatures starting off cold, especially in the valley where we have a frost advisory in effect until 8:00 a.m. as we take a look outside, cloudy conditions we'll see more sunshine as we head into the afternoon. a closer look at our right-now temperatures. 45 in millville, 44 in dover and 41 in pottstown. allentown at 36 degrees, and that's where that frost advisory is in effect for at least another hour and a half until 8:00 a.m. patchy frost is possible and again, this only affects a small area. the rest of us are in the 40s. over the next eight hours, we'll see temperatures warming up nicely into the mid-50s, by 11:00 a.m. by 2:00 p.m. 61. and today's high will range between 62 and 65 degrees. coming up, i am tracking more sun today. warmer temperatures again, above average. i'll let you know when and i'm tracking rain all in your seven-day forecast. we are continuing to follow the developments in the deadly
6:30 am
earthquake in nepal. this morning, a powerful aftershock jolted the area, as rescue crews search for survivors from yesterday's quake. here's what we know. that magnitude 6.7 aftershock hit around 3:15 a.m. our time. as of now, there are no reports of deaths related to the aftershock. officials say now at least 2,100 people are confirmed dead following yesterday's quake. the united states is sending a disaster response team and $1 million in aid to nepal. most areas remain without power and water this morning. the devastating impact overseas is being felt back here in our area. a northeast philadelphia man called nepal home for two decades and us with moved to tears when he heard the news of the earthquake. the government of nepal took sharma in along with more than a thousand other refugees who are now living in philadelphia. a group of them watched coverage
6:31 am
of the aftermath from rhawnhurst last night. it's been difficult for them to see the suffering, the search for survivors, and the widespread destruction. >> i cried when i heard the news. there are many people who i knew personally. one of my colleagues was teaching in a college together. his house completely collapsed. luckily, the family was out at the time. >> sharma's friends and family here in philadelphia plan to collect money to send to nepal. he says they are thankful for what the country did for them and they want to help out in any way they can. you can learn how to help with the disaster relief by heading to the nbc 10 news app. there we have a list of organizations that are sending aid over to nepal. in camden county police are looking for the person who pulled the trigger in a shooting that left a high school football star dead. somebody shot and killed 18-year-old jamir bullard early yesterday morning. the linebacker was hoping to play college football and was
6:32 am
being recruited by temple university. the teen was walking to the store with his younger cousin just a block from his house when gunfire erupted. bullard was hit, but managed to get his cousin to safety. crews then rushed bullard to the hospital, but he died a sort time later. >> a good person and any help anybody, if you know who did this to my son, just bring him to justice. >> police do not know what sparked the violence. their investigation is ongoing. police in mercer county are investigating a quadruple shooting in trenton. this happened just after 6:00 last night on wood street. police tell us all four victims were treated at the hospital. one of them underwent emergency surgery. their conditions are on notice this time and there's no word yet on a suspect or a motive in this case. now to an update from philadelphia. police say they've made an arrest in connection with a withdrawal at a septa station. this morning, andrzei bodziak is
6:33 am
facing charges. high school students attacked each on the platform. police are still looking for three more suspects in this case. this morning, a new mural is honoring the memory of a mother and her three children who were struck and killed by a stolen suv. yesterday, city leaders and family and friends of the victims were there for a ribbon cutting and unveiling of the tribute called loving memory. last summer keisha williams and her three children tierra thomas, reid and terence moore were run down. a stolen suv slammed into their fruit stand. and another family member died in the same lot in 2013. >> with the help of the community and the city officials of philadelphia we are turning this place that holds so much pain and heartbreak into something that can now bring joy. >> the city's mural arts program
6:34 am
created the project with the help of the family and the community. today, administerrators at a montgomery county day care will meet with families of students in an effort to help find those families a different place for the children to attend school. katy zachary is live in blue bell with parents are trying to figure out what they're going to do with their kids tomorrow. >> reporter: a lot of them rosemary scrambling. we got word late yesterday from goddard school management that they will make every every to work with parents to help them find other day care options. and for some families they will provide a week's worth of free child care beginning tomorrow. but parents tell us they are still angry, because they didn't see any signs of trouble leading up to friday's abrupt closing here at the blue bell location. however, these court documents tell a different story. last year the franchise owner was sued by goddard systems for safety hazards on the playground. eventually that suit was dismissed, but a few months
6:35 am
after that the owner filed for bankruptcy and we learned according to court documents, just three days ago, a judge dismissed that case. >> this guy had to know he was not going to be open much longer. >> we'll survive and get through, but there are a lot of good teachers that work here. >> reporter: yeah, a lot of teachers, a lot of parents, and a lot of young children wondering what tomorrow will hold. we also learned from goddard school management that today between 1:00 and 4:00 they're opening up their east norton location, where staff and some of the goddard management will meet with teachers and parents to help them figure out what's next. reporting live in blue bell katy zachary nbc 10 news. it's not a dog, it's not a wolf, it's a coyote. and it's in new york city. the chase that's becoming more common for police in the big apple. we'll explain. she has a whole lot to celebrate. lea still, the daughter of a
6:36 am
pro-footballer beat cancer and now she's reached another milestone. we'll talk about it after the break. blp. oh i could watch that video all day. we are going to see a cold start to the morning, but as we head into the afternoon, a little bit more sunshine. temperatures warmer than what we saw yesterday. we're slowly getting back to average. i'll let you know what to expect on this sunday in my full forecast.
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good morning. let's take a live look at the poconos this morning, one of the coldest temperatures on the map. and parts of our area under a frost advisory so still a cold start for philadelphia not as cold. temperatures are actually close to 50 degrees. so that's a big difference from yesterday. feels-like temperature of 44.
6:39 am
wind speeds out of the north-northeast at 8 miles per hour, and across the rest of the area the poconos 1 degree above freezing. 42 in coatesville. 43 in washington township. 40 in wrightstown. right along the shore temperatures are the mid-to-high 40s. 44 in dover. as we head into the next eight hours or so we are going to see temperatures eventually pushing into the 60s. today, our highs will range between 62 and 65 degrees. i am tracking warmer conditions. we'll go back above average and i'm tracking rain in your seven-day forecast. that's all coming up in just a bit. president obama poked funs at politicians, government officials, and even himself at the white house correspondents' dinner last night. >> and it is know wonder that people keep pointing out how the presidency has aged me. i look so old, john boehner has already invited netanyahu to
6:40 am
speak at my funeral. >> the annual even brings together celebrities and journalists who cover the white house. it's a night for washington to let loose a little and the president's monologue is considered the highlight of the evening. >> i'm happy to report that the secret service, thanks to some excellent reporting by white house correspondences, they're really focusing on some of the issues that have come up. and they finally figured out a foolproof way to keep people off my lawn. >> here's a look at what the audience was laughing at. a computer-generated picture of arizona senator john mccain guarding the white house. by the way the dinner raises money for scholarships for young journalists. girl scout cookies and cheese puffs saved these women after a road trip to visit family turned into a two-weeknight mary. we'll explain.
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you'd think that new york city cops have seen it all, right? this may be a first for some of them. this weekend, officers captured a coyote wandering through lower manhattan. the coyote was tranquilized near the world trade center yesterday and taken by patrol car to the aspca. police have been on alert, as there have been a number of coyote sightings this week most likely this very coyote. true story of survival. two sisters say that they survived on girl scout cookies while they were lost for nearly two weeks in a remote area of michigan. a police helicopter spotted the women on friday 13 days after they visited relatives and then disappeared. their suv was stuck about three miles from lake superior. the sisters ate the girl scout cookies and some cheese puffs they had brought along for what they thought would be an eight-hour road trip. they also melted snow for
6:44 am
drinking water. when the women spotted the adopter, they made sure that someone would see them. >> they got out of the vehicle and started waving their hands and were trying to build a fire quickly to signal to us that they were down there. >> the sisters were taken to the hospital to be checked out and they've already been released and reunited with their families. good morning. a cold start, especially in the lehigh valley with conditions under a frost advisory in the mid-30s. we are tracking showers, mainly going to stay in southern parts of delaware and warmer again, we will head above average. mostly cloudy skies. we'll see more sunshine as we head into the afternoon for philadelphia. 48 degrees. feels-like temperature at 44. still a brisk start to your sunday morning. a lot colder if you're in the poconos. 34 degrees. 40 in reading. 56 in allentown. 41 in mt. holly. temperatures in dover at 44
6:45 am
degrees. stone harbor at 47 this morning. and our temperatures are still going to stay a little bit below average. so here's where the frost advisory is. all the area is highlighted in blue swob blue, so it's a smaller area than yesterday, so it's nice our temperatures are slowly improving. our radar shot shows quiet conditions throughout philadelphia, but you'll notice just in southern delaware near sussex county where we're starting to see a few showers, the threat for showers will continue into your late morning hours, and a closer look at our 24-hour temperature change map shows that we are 18 degrees warmer in millville, about 12 degrees warmer in atlantic city, 11 in northeast philly and up 9 degrees in pottstown. but our future rather shows us that the threat for those showers will go into your late morning hours. probably stay to the south of sussex county but it's not out of the question with this weather disturbance. it's mainly to the south of us that we could see a little bit of shower activity. by 3:00 p.m. you'll notice all those clouds start to clear up. more sunshine for us as we head into sunday afternoon. we are going to see a chance of
6:46 am
showers as we head into monday, the models are not reflecting that. and as we head into tuesday, we'll see drying conditions and then temperatures starting to warm up. our average for this time of year, 67 degrees, as we aide into today, 62. still 5 degrees below average. pushing into monday 61. our highs around the area today, around 53 in the poconos. 62 in allentown. 61 in quakertown. 60 in doylestown right along the shore, 63 degrees. 63 in vineland and in philadelphia. expect temperatures at 62. so that's the main range between 62 and 65 degrees. it will still be nice if you head out to the phillies game nicer than what we saw yesterday. wind speeds stay light out of the north at 6 miles per hour and then throughout the game the game starts at 1:35. in the 60s by 4:00 p.m., 62. and by 7:00 p.m. 58 and colder. temperatures today range between 62 and 65. starting off with more clouds then we transition to more sunshine. seven-day forecast shows warmer temperatures as we head into
6:47 am
tuesday, wednesday. 70 degrees on wednesday and mild. a chance of rain by thursday. next in sports the fighting phils continue their series against the division rival braves and freddie galvas is flashing some leather. we'll take at look at this gem along with the rest of your highlights, straight ahead.
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we're following some breaking news out of the cobbs creek section of philadelphia where a minivan and a car collided. the crash happened just a short time ago on walnut and south 52nd street. the impact knocked down a traffic pole. two people were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. as you can see, police are out there on the scene. the cause of this is under investigation. if you are traveling in this area of cobbs creek, keep it in mind that there may be some closures out there because of the police activity. as soon as we get an update we'll keep you posted. some frustrated parents will be meeting today about a popular day care and school. nbc 10's katy zachary is live in montgomery county with the day care dilemma. katy? >> behind me the goddard school here on blue bell abruptly closed its doors on friday leaving parents asking where they're supposed to leave their children come tomorrow. new today, the school may be offering a short-term solution
6:51 am
for families. and parts of our area still around frost advisory. other areas, about 20 degrees warmer today than yesterday. i'm tracking warmer conditions as we head into the afternoon and what's in store as we head back to work. ♪ ♪ ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh ♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. ♪ [snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... ♪ [snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. ♪
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i'm john boruk from comcast sports net. the phillies kept them off the scoreboard, but once atlanta got a sniff of offense, they relished the opportunity. scoreless game in the fourth when ryan howard tattoos a pitch to deep center and tas gone for a two-run shot. howard 4 for 7 with three bombs in his career against shelby miller. top of the sixth, nick with a grounder, but freddie galvas makes a diving stop and throws across his body to get his man, preserving the phils' 2-0 lead. but from there, everything else seemed out of reach. a run would score. braves take a 3-2 lead on their way to a 5-2 victory. we're now less than a week away
6:54 am
from the nfl draft and the eagles are finalizing their boards prepping their war room for what could be an epic night for chip kelly and the birds. keiko alonzo is just getting familiar to his surroundings after the eagles acquired the line banker for mccoy. a alonzo's older brother plays second ways for the phyllis. so keiko could be playing plenty of baseball this summer and he'll be playing football here in philadelphia this fall. >> i was definitely surprised, because i didn't see myself getting traded or going anywhere. i saw myself being in buffalo, at least for those four years. but then, you know it happened and i'm just saying it's a business of you know, you know, i'm happy with where i'm at now and i can't wait to get to work. >> to the pitch. union visiting the columbus crew. 64th minute. eric scores on a header and
6:55 am
flips out. union wishes they could have flipped the score. they lose 4-1. final day of the penn relay. nearly 50,000 showed up at franklin field. jordy williams running the last run. williams pulls away from the win and gets a huge trophy to take back to the main line. this is the age 75 and older, 100-meter dash. the gentleman you see right there in the far right, purple tights, 98-year-old champ, champ goldie. he finished in a time of 33.09. well the football team the temple football team completed their annual cherry and white spring game with the offense topping the defense, 43-23. but there was one lasting impression out of all of it. you may remember lea still, the 4-year-old daughter of bengals' defensive tackle and penn state standout, devon still. little lea has battled cancer but just this last month, it was announced she was in remission. well, on saturday, lea took part
6:56 am
in the coin toss and then was installed into the game plan lined up a as a receiver, took the handoff from her dad, and ran to the end zone with the mascot and the football team leading the way. she performed an end zone dance that left dad impressed. >> she loves playing football. me and her play football a lot when we're by ourselves, was for her to be able to do it with the whole team running and blocking for her, i know she enjoyed that. she even surprised me about how fast she was running. >> and that'll do it for sports. i'm john boruk. enjoy the rest of your weekend. right now on nbc 10 news today, we are following developments out of nepal, where the death toll is rising and the search for survivors continues this morning. a popular day care closes
6:57 am
its doors without warning. now parents are scrambling on this sunday morning to find child care before the start of the workweek. a live look down the shore in cape may shows a cloudy start to our sunday but temperatures will warm up higher than yesterday. good morning, welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's just a few minutes before 7:00 on this sunday. meteorologist brittney shipp is tracking the cool conditions outside. and brittney you wouldn't know with this weather that may is right around the corner. >> i know, our temperatures have been about 10 degrees below average. today we'll get closer to our average with a 67 for this time of year. take a look at all the clouds this morning. it's a cloudy and cold start, with parts of our area like the lehigh valley still under a frost advisory until 8:00 a.m. temperatures in philadelphia at 49 degrees. 47 in northeast philly. 42 in pottstown. 38 in allentown. and 34 degrees in the poconos. our highs around the area today at 63 in the poconos, 61 in allentown, 63 in mt. holly, 68
6:58 am
in atlantic city. 63 in cape may and temperatures in philadelphia expected to reach a high of 62 degrees today. we could locally see temperatures a bit warmer than that. i'm also tracking a chance of rain in your seven-day forecast and warmer temperatures. i'll go over all the details, coming up.o,#5 new from overnight in bucks county, one person is in the hospital after being hit by a car in street road. this happened at the ramp to i-95 in bensalem before 2:00 this morning. the crash shut down street road for nearly three hours. we're told the driver did stop. there's no word on the condition of the victim. and the accident is under investigation. also new from overnight in philadelphia police are looking for the shooter who hit a man several times, even in the face. the shooting happened along dara street in the frankford section of the city just before midnight. gunfire struck the victim in the chin, neck and back. rate now that man is in extremely critical condition.
6:59 am
this morning, we have new video of the rescue operation following the deadly earthquake in nepal. survivors are still being pulled from the rubble of buildings, more than 24 hours after the magnitude 7.8 quake. right now, the death toll stands at more than 2,100 people and that number continues to rise. this morning a 6.7 magnitude aftershock jolted the area sending people running into the streets, but right now there are no reports of any deaths related to that aftershock. if you would like to help with disaster relief just go to the nbc 10 news app, we've got some more information there, including a list of organizations contributing to the effort. coming up in our next half hour, we'll hear from a local man with ties to nepal about how he plans to help out. today, administrators at a now-closed montgomery county day care will help parents find other options for their kids.
7:00 am
this all comes after the sudden closure of the goddard school in blue bell montgomery county. nbc 10's katy zachary is live in blue bell with more on this. katy? >> reporter: rosemary, this is not something parents wanted to go into the weekend worrying about. late yesterday, we did get word from goddard school management that they will help families find other day care options. and for those families with absolutely no place to turn the school says it will provide free care for one week. but a week worth of care doesn't really cut it for most of these families who tell us on late friday, they were told their which i would child's school is closing for good. at least, about a hundred young kids out of day care and out of the classroom. some of these parents have paid up-front tuition. most of them have no other child care coverage for monday and most say this is a major disruption to their lives and their kids' lives. >> it's really not fair to her. she'll have new teachers and new friends next week an


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